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    Practice Out of Control

    Yes, that’s an order.

    The title was going to be 'Spring Can Really Hang You Up the Most', or 'H is for Hangover'. The first option, because that is one of my favorite songs since about another lifetime ago, and the second, because that is how I feel right now, ouch.  Instead, I chose a command.  Go on and practice a moment of utter lack of control.  Trust that your feet will take you where you are supposed to go, trust that even letting go of control is also part of your path.  Now, we all know how people like to spin things completely off the mark, so I will say that I’m not talking about extremes and 'so long as it harm none' is also just generally good in practicing mindfulness, so allow me to explain what I actually mean.  

    When I awoke this morning, I realized my mobile phone was not in my bag when we left our friends’ house after dinner and many libations and good times were enjoyed.  In fact, I do remember in my several-sheets-to-the-wind-no-I-was-not-driving-thank-you-very-much state, that I did a quick check of my bag absently searching for the device, and noted it was not on my person.  Being several sheets to the wind lends to fleeting reason, and my reasoning in that moment decidedly gave up caring about the phone, knowing exactly where it was (in my kitchen apron pocket hanging on our hosts’ chair), trusting it was safe with friends and I could get it at my convenience instead of having a drunken, freak-out, where’s-my-phone moment.  Instead I chose to practice being utterly out of control.  Out of control of the little device that tells me everything I think I need to know, that keeps me “in touch” with all my peeps, that tells me the weather, which constellations are visible in the night sky, and which satellites...that steals my attention away from right now.  So yes, I don’t mean out of control like projectile vomiting or waking up with food lodged in your gums and a trail of crumbs from the bedroom door to the bed, or becoming a murderous psychopath.  I mean the feeling of being in control when we use our devices to “connect” with people, to tell us what time it is, what’s next, to be “plugged in”.   

    The phone made its way safely home in my apron last night too, btw.  Good friends and my twin looking out, I do so cherish the gift of good friends!

    Yes, be out of control, lose touch, turn it off, go take a hike, get lost, and trust that you will always find yourself exactly where you need to be.  Right here, right now.

    So, I’ll see you around!
    Over and out now…wink,   


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